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Diego Valdez

"There is no technique to identify Diego Valdez Artwork. It´s just amazing and powerful

the impact of Diego Valdez artwork is a marketing viral expansion of the “Wow”- effect."

-Awesome Magazine April 2012.

Diego Valdez Featured Artist of the Millennium 2009 rotative campaign via Villagevoice NY, Laweekly and PhoenixNewTimes, Actor, Former Fashion Model, Painter, graphic Artist, Graphic designer, Screenwriter, Published Author of 5 poetry books with 3 poetry prizes between the years 2000-2003.

Diego is an award winning graphic artist with an amazing background and list of top clients.

In 2006 Diego did Illustration & Poetry tribute to Gia Carangi for Redsocks project NYC

Diego Valdez writing for kids - Latest projects:

Diego Valdez writer of Master The positive Bee I 2011 & 2012 Diego Valdez writing in team

with Luisa Gomez of Master B the positive Bee II 2012 directed by Edward Messa Voiceover Actor

Michael Taylor Gray & Hollywood Actress, singer songwriter Jon Mack - Actress of movies like Introducing Dorothy Dandridge with Halle Berry, Saw VI, Mandrake and Playing the role of

Connie in the new movie of Gerard Buttler "Playing the field" 2012.

2012 Diego Valdez is proud of work in partnership with his friend the CGI Special effects

& CGI Animated Movie Producer MIKE HERZOG owner & founder of vision animation studio

La California visit the magical world at -.

Diego Valdez 2010 writer of Bella B n´the seventeen nights, Illustrated by Erin Burchwell

and Diego Valdez, Directed by Edward Messa, Grammar revision Luisa Gomez voiceover

of Actress and Model Melissa Biggs Recorded at Elias Arts Studios Santa Monica CA 2010.

Diego Valdez 2012 writer in Team with Matt Simpson, Tony Gargano & Mike Howard

of song It´s a Magical life Remixed at love Journey Productions.

Diego Valdez 2011 writer of Paco the goose the funny Goose Ever, Directed by Edward Messa

Luisa Gomez voiceover of Talented Actor of Series like "My name is Earl" and "will & Grace"

of NBC Michael Taylor Gray.

2009 Diego Valdez and Edward Messa are Founder and Co founder of Voilartists art studio

visit - and enjoy the magical projects.

News !!! Diego Valdez is working on a portrait collection of award

winning singer songwriter Evrim Tuzun, in 2009 Evrim got the award

"the most remixed song of the world" for the song Hemen Hemen.

Diego is a well know former fashion top model of worldwide brands like Diesel,

Chevignon, Marithe Francoise Girbaud, between others big names and well trained

Actor of Theater and Soap opera TV Productions in Latin America

Diego Valdez it´s a free spirit and an Artist of many areas with the responsibility

at the same time to learn every day how to be a good friend, husband and daddy !!!

For more info or comments, please contact Francesca Khan, The Public Relations Manager for Diego Valdez, California.

You can contact her via twitter: #FF Francesca at @francesca_live

In Europe Marga Vander Vet Model, makeup artist, writer and -.

Diego Valdez Media Director Netherlands & Germany Visit -.

Diego Valdez Featured 21st Century Renaissance Man,

the Artist of the digital Age Via Hollywood_tweet Burbank Ca 2012

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